May we merit to give proper Kovod HaTorah and follow all its ways as it says:

” It is a tree of life for all those who grasp it, and its supporters are praiseworthy”. (Proverbs 3:18).

We believe that a learned rabbi needs to possess the following capacities, skills, and intellectual virtues:

> Rigorous education in the religious traditions that shape the scholarly, spiritual and practical dimensions of a rabbi.

> The capacity to use the fundamental intellectual tools in the study of Judaism.

> Genuine reading competence in a scriptural language and/or a language of theological scholarship that allows for the lifelong use of that language for rabbinical leadership and scholarly inquiry.

> Education in the rabbinical arts that prepares students to use their intellectual gifts in leadership and care.

> Intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral agility that will enable graduates to move with skill, confidence, generosity and grace across the complex and plural religious, cultural, and moral spheres of modern society.

Requirements for the Degree

Students must complete a minimum of 15 months. program details

People may join the program at any given time. These shiurim are meant to take the talmid beyond the basics of kashrut. With the skill gained he will be able to understand the great many details in Yora Daya – Issur V’heter. These are skills that can be applied in other areas of learning and through the learning a person will reach higher levels of yiras Hashem. It is the hope of the Shema Yisrael Torah Network that after receiving smicha the new Rabbanim will help disseminate and strengthen the Torah in their communities.

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