Frequently Asked Questions



How does the Shulchan Aruch Project work?

One gets 2 written lectures (shiurim) twice weekly.

How long is the shiur?

7-12 pages

What does it contain?

It contains the translation of the Mechaber and Rama (the two main commentaries of the Shulchan Aruch). It then goes to the source of the law. The Source in the chumash is brought down followed by the Gemara explaining the topic followed by the appropriate Rishonim and Achronim.

Does it mean we get the sources and we look them up?

No, we bring down the commentary and explain the concept, define all terms i.e. the work Mukzta……which means set aside and then we give many examples. We then bring down for example the Rambam and explain what the he meant and what the source was.

What about the Halacha as it applies to us today?  What do we do then?

We bring down all the contempary Halachic decisions based on the comments of R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l, R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l, R’ Ovadia Yosef zt”l.

What if I have a particular problem?

Please send any general question to If it’s a question regarding a shiur, you would email the appropriate Rav.

Does one Rabbi write everything?

No, Each program i.e. Shabbos, or Aveilus, or Ribbis has its own Rav and editing staff


How long is each program?

The programs vary from 6 months for Eruvin to about 2 years for Shabbos. Issur V’ Heter is approximately one year two months, whereas Aveilus is about 10 months and Shaatnez six months.

I’m still not sure I understand how it works inside?

Okay, every week you receive an average of 2 written Shiruim, you take the appropriate Shulchan Aruch and list of Seforim and learn it together. Then at the end of each shiur is a review of the shiur and questions from the previous shiur.
You then develop a method of review.

What happens then?
After each section is an exam.

Where do I take these exams?
They are taken anywhere you want, in some cases, the final exam is sent to your through your Rabbi to proctor.

How does one qualify to join the Semicha Program?
One must have their Rav write a recommendation for you verifying that they know you well and that you are Shomer Torah WITHOUT Compromise and that you are known to keep all Halachos and live in such a manner.
After that your application is submitted for our review.

What are the costs involved?
The costs vary with the different programs and according to the level your taking. The cost can be split up into monthly fees in order to help you financially. Our registration staff will be able to work with you as best they can to determine the best options for you.

To find out tuition costs please CONTACT US or SIGN UP