Hilchos Aveilus Course Outline
Rabbi Leibe Landsman 

This program takes approximately 10 months.  There are 83 shiurim. Upon completion, one would a receive a certificate of completion.

Laws of Mourning

Division of Topics and Amount of Lessons for each Topic:

The Laws of Kriah(1) (siman 340): 8 lessons
The Laws of Onen(2) (siman 341): 3 lessons
A Groom in Mourning (siman 342): 2 lessons
The Funeral, The Eulogy and other particulars in the handling of the
deceased (siman 343-368): 15 lessons
Tumat Meis(3) and Kohanim (siman369-373): 8 lessons

The Laws at the Commencement of the Mourning and the Clearing of the
Grave :( siman374 -375): 7 lessons

The Laws Pertaining to the Shiva(5) (siman 376-396): 25 lessons

The Essence of Avelut (7) and the Laws Pertaining to Mourning on Yom Tov
and Shabbos (siman 397 -401): 9 lessons

The Laws of Shemuoh(8) and the Collecting of the Bones (siman 402-403): 6 lessons

Every Week 2 lessons will be emailed; 8 lessons per month.

(1) Kriah – the tearing of the clothing for mourning
(2)Onen – the intermediate time from when one first hears that a close relative has died and until the person is buried
(3) Tumat Meis – ritual impurity of the dead body
(4) Kohanim – the Priests should be wary of going near the deceased person
(5) Shiva – the seven days of mourning
(7)Avelut – the period of mourning
(8) Shemuoh – when one hears that a relative has died

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