Hilchos Eruvin Course Outline

The Eruvin course takes approximately 6 months. It is not a Smicha Course.

The four domains: public, private, karmelis, makom p’tur
Carrying between the various domains and within the domains
What is considered a biblical violation
Passing from one domain to another
Carrying 4 amos in a public domain
What is considered as fenced in for living purposes
Types of walls that permit carrying within them
A domestic eruv – eruvei chatzeiros
A gentile resides within the domain
Eruvei t’chumin – laying down the eruv

The  following is a list of seforim recommended for Eruvin:

  1. Gemora Shabbos and Eruvin
  2. Rambam Z’manim, preferrably Frenkel
  3. Tur. The volume including simon 345 and onwards. Preferrably the Machon Yerushalayim Tur
  4. Mishna Berura vol. 4. If you require English, gt the Feldheim edition. There is a Hebrew voweled edition.
  5. Peirush Chai on Eruvin.  Drawings and sketches. Excellent.
  6. Shulchan Oruch harav the vol. with Eruvin.
  7. Sefer Netivot HaShabbos. Written by R’ Yakov Bloi. excellent. for advanaced learning.

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