Hilchos Gittin Course Outline

The Gittin course takes approximately 14 months. It is not a Smicha Course.

In which case can a man divorce his wife?
Din of Cherem D’Rabbeinu Gershom (ban of Rabbi Gershom) so as not to divorce a wife for nothing
Instruction of one who is divorcing via a get
The divorcee should be clear in his mind
Who writes the divorce and on what is it written
The phrasing of the divorce

Dinim of time in the divorce (the date)
The place mentioned in the divorce
Dinim of signing the divorce
Dinim of witnesses for divorce
The divorce should be with honest intentions
Witnesses for delivery of the divorce
Cancellation of previous messages and a forced divorce
Reading the divorce
Dinim of giving over the divorce from his hand to hers
Dinim of messenges for the divorce

Bringing a divorce in Eretz Yisrael or in Chutz L’Aretz
Conditions of a divorce
An old divorce (where one had yichud with his wife after it was written)
Obligation of a divorce by a man who lived with a woman without marriage
When is divorce forced, and the dinim of forcing divorce

Hilchos Kesuvos (marriage contract):

The details of the din of Kesuba
A Kesuba of a deaf person or a youngster
Claim of Besulim (virginity)
A man’s obligation to his wife and a wife to her husband
Obligation of support for a wife
Obligation of support for children
Obligation to give lodging and clothes for a wife
Where will they live after their marriage
Seasonal (onah) obligation for a wife
Dinim of a male and female rebel
Obligation of redeeming and healing
A woman’s earnings for her husband
Din of finding a woman
Dinim of different forms of assets (nichsei milug and nichsei tzon barzel)
Obligation of a husband to bury his wife, and the din of his wife’s inheritance

Support for a widow
Obligation of lodging for a widow
A widow’s earnings for her heirs
The oath of a widow and a divorcee
Estimation of the widow’s belongings when she comes to retrieve her marriage contracts (and the din of a divorcee in this matter)
From which assets of her husband can she collect the Kesuba
How much is collected for her Kesuba
One who sells or pardons her Kesuba
A kesuva of money for children (binyan dichrin)
Support for daughters
Enrichment of assets for a daughter who is getting married
One who took upon himself to support the daughter of his wife
Dinim of a woman who goes against her faith (unacceptable behavior)
One who marries a prohibited woman
Dinim of a woman who is prohibited

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