Hilchos Kiddushin Course Outline
Rabbi Leibe Landsman 

This program takes approximately 10 months.  There are 75 shiurim. Upon completion, one would a receive a certificate of completion.

Following is a partial listing of topics for “Chuppah and Kiddushin” (the Shiurim for Chuppah and Kiddushin)
The following topics include Simanim from the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer, and Simanim from the Choshen Mishpat
Hilchos Nissuin (Marriage Laws) and Piryah Verivya (Reproduction):

    Age of marriage
    Whom should one marry
    Disqualifications for marriage
    Women prohibited for marriage by a Kohen

    Hilchos Ishus (matrimony):

    Those disqualified to marry into society (Pesulei Kahal)
    The dinim of a woman katlunos (a woman whose first two husbands passed away)
    A woman who was suspected of performed zenus (incest)
    How much time must a divorcee or widow wait before remarrying
    Arayos (incest) from the Torah and M’Drabanan (the Sages)
    Dinim of permitting an Agunah (a woman whose husband is missing)
    Distancing from any form of proximity with Arayos
    Dinim of Yichud (a male and female remaining alone together)

    Hilchos Kiddushin:

    Manners of Kiddushin
    Terminology of Kiddushin
    Details in validity of Kiddushin
    Brachos of Eirusin
    Messengers for Kiddushin
    Kiddushin on condition
    Kiddushin with the woman’s agreement
    Partial Dinim of Witnesses for Kiddushin
    Kiddushin of youngsters, and matters of unusual Kiddushin
    Dinim of Savlunos (gifts from the Chassan to Kallah)
    Dinim of a fiancé and fiancée
    What is a Chuppah, and which kinyan (acquirement) does it make?
    Birchas Chasanim (Sheva Brachos)
    The time for marriage
    Simchos Chassan V’Kallah

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