This is not a smicha program. Upon completion, one would receive a certificate.

The Birchos Hashachar – Preface, Introduction and Overview
The Laws of the Morning Blessings
The Birchos Hashachar – The Morning Blessings
One Hundred Blessings per Day
The Additional Three Blessings
The Order of the Blessings
Hanosein Layo’eif Koach (Who gives Strength to the Weary)
The Morning Blessings: The Opinions of the Mechaber and the Rama
Aval Anachnu Amcho, The Krias Sh’ema of Rebbe Yehuda Hanassi, Can a Mitzvah be Performed Conditionally
The Blessings for Torah
The Blessing for Torah Study
Birchos Hatorah for thinking and writing

The Three Parts of Birchos HaTorah
Blessing for Torah Study
The Birchos haTorah and Ahavas Olam
The Birchos haTorah and Ahavas Olam
The Birchos haTorah and Ahavas Olam
Blessing for Torah Study

Hesech Ha’da’at; Interruptions
Interruptions, Regular and Irregular Sleep, Birchos HaShachar Before Dawn
Washing Hands Women in Birchos HaTorah
Reading the Parshas HaTamid and Other Korbanos
Reading the Parshas HaTamid and Other Korbanos
Devarim She’biksav – Not to be Said Ba’al Peh: De’oraissah or De’rabbonon

Understanding the Third Approach: The Opinion of Rabbeinu Yonah
Eizehu Mekoman
Saying the Mishnayos of Eizehu Mekoman (Revisited)
The Laws of Davening from Baruch She’omar Until Yishtabach
No Interruptions from Boruch She’Omar Until after Shemona’eh Esrey
Interruptions During Pesukey DeZimra
Interruptions During Pesukey DeZimra
Interruptions During Pesukey DeZimra
Pesukey DeZimra

Coming Late to Shul
Coming Late to Shul – What Can be Skipped
Donning Talis and Tefillin During Pesukey DeZimra
Laws of Yishtabach
Laws of Kaddish
Responding to Kaddish

Laws of Borchu
The Laws of Reciting Shema and its Blessings
The Second Brocha of Krias She’ma, and Is Kavanah Required for Krias She’ma
Kavanah for Mitzvos
Things to be Particular About When Reciting She’ma
Kavanah for Krias She’ma
Reading She’ma Meticulously
Sitting When Reciting She’ma
Errors in Krias She’ma

Entering a Shul that is Reciting She’ma; Interruptions During She’ma
Where One May Interrupt During She’ma
Safaik Regarding Krias She’ma
Interrupting with Piyutim
Pores al She’ma
Those Who are Exempt from Krias She’ma
Laws Concerning Tefila and the Time it Should be Prayed
A Place Suitable for Prayer; To Pray with the Congregation; The Law for the Traveler
Tying on a Belt and Covering One’s Head During Prayer
Relieving Oneself, Washing and Other Preparations for Prayer

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