Business Ethics Course Outline

The Shulchan Aruch Learning Project will be presenting a 3 month Business Ethics course, where one can join anytime, which will be a must for all who are engaged in business, law, accounting finance, investing, medicine, real estate or any form of financial endeavors. There will be a final test and a certificate of completion. The following subjects are described below in our syllabus.

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Lesson 1
Lesson Topic: Payment for Court Expenses

Lesson 2
Lesson Topic: The Right to Plead the Fifth and Remain Silent

Lesson 3
Lesson Topic: Polygraph Scan (Truth Device)

Lesson 4
Lesson Topic: Damaging Public Property

Lesson 5
Lesson Topic: Medical Confidential Information

Lesson 6
Lesson Topic: Noise Disturbances

Lesson 7
Lesson Topic: Worker’s Hunger Strike

Lesson 8
Lesson Topic: Work Place

Lesson 9
Lesson Topic: Property Insurance, Pension and Life Insurance

Lesson 10
Lesson Topic: Banks Charging Interest

Lesson 11
Lesson Topic: Interest of Verbal Communication

Lesson 12
Lesson Topic: Firing Workers and Compensation Payments

Lesson 13
Lesson Topic: Key Issues and Practical Aspects of Inheritance

Lesson 14
Lesson Topic: Inheritance Of a Daughter

Lesson 15
Lesson Topic: The Birthright of a Firstborn

Lesson 16
Lesson Topic: Different Aspects of Interest loans

Lesson 17
Lesson Topic: Laws Pertaining to an Informer

Lesson 18
Lesson Topic: Setting an Employee’s Salary

Lesson 19
Lesson Topic: Fairness and Other Ethical Standards

Lesson 20
Lesson Topic: Popular Questions on Matters of Stealing

Lesson 21
Lesson Topic: Damage Issues

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