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The Shema Yisrael Torah Network has now developed a project which is designed to overcome one of the most difficult tasks that all Jews PARTAKE in but very few understand and even less concentrate on. What is the source of this longing for spirituality in the first place?

Chapter 2 Verse 7 writes as follows:

G-d formed Man of dust from the ground and He blew into his nostrils the soul of life and Man became a living being.

Since all of mankind received a soul from their Creator, “He blew into his nostrils the soul of life”, they all have this quality. Our Sages explain this to mean that just like when one blows a breath into something, he blows from within himself, similarly, when G-d blew a soul into man, he blew a G-dly soul into man.

Where do we go from here?

Imagine if you are a Rebbe or teacher and you seek to encourage concentration and understanding in davening. Through this project you would take out a model of the Bais Hamikdash (House of G-D) and would explain that there are four very high spiritual levels: Asiyah,Yetzirah, Briyah and Atzilus. Then all would learn that when you say Brachos and Korbanos that is the level of Assiyah and reflects Har Habayis (The TEMPLE Mount). Then from there on to Pesukei DeZimra – or level Yetzirah, which is representative of the Azarah (The Courtyard). Now is the time for Krias Shema – Briyah, which encompasses the Heichal (The Holy Chamber) and finally when you reach Shemoneh Esrei you’re at the level of Aztlus which is the Kodesh Kodoshim (the Holy of Holies) where only the Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur goes. Using the just the above illustration you will have changed the meaning of davening not just for your students but for yourself as well. Very few are even aware of this explanation let alone its practical application.

From the beginning of time until the end of creation all mankind will seek this connection with G-D. One must imagine two pieces of a pipe which have been broken. Our project we hope will help mend those two broken pieces together to be that much stronger. We will be presenting 67 lessons given out semi weekly, 50 audio recordings, charts and a Sticker campaign to put in your Siddur or Prayer Book.  A discount will be given to groups.  Attached are some sample lesssons, the table of contents, a sign in form and our blessing to again become one with your creator.

Recommended books of Prayer

For Ashkenazim: ArtScroll’s Interlinear Translation – obtain at your local bookstore or www.artscroll.com

For Sephardim: Their Preferred Version of the Siddur

Pathway for Prayer Series (for the Shemona Esrei) by R’ Mayer Birnbaum
The Holidays – Succos, Pesach and Shavuos
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur


We ask that our members purchase the books directly from the Author who provides a substantial discount for all the books.

R’ Mayer Birnbaum Shilita
New Jersey