Roadmap to Prayer Stickers

Download the required file below and then print out.

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or to download all the stickers at one time, click and save this file –


Kinkos or any reputable copy store has a product call “Sticky back laminate”.  One can take hard copies of the sheets of stickers.
Have them printed on a sheet of colored paper (there is a color called bright fuchsia that we suggest).  The copy center will laminate the pink printed stickers to a paper called “sticky sheet laminate”.  The stickers will have a nice clear coating, but the great thing is that after one cuts out each “sticker”, a yellow paper is peeled off of each sticker and there is an adhesive allowing one to place the stickers without using glue!!!!

We suggest Kinko, because it is international and has stores in Europe, Asia, US, and Israel. We’re sure that there are other copy centers that are able to do this same job.