Roadmap to Prayer Course Outline
Rabbi Leibe Landsman

Lesson 1

  1. Preface and Introduction
  2. The Purpose of Prayer
  3. Prayer –Tefilla
  4. A Divine Soul: A Breath of Life
  5. Repetitive Prayers
  6. Admitting to a Higher Power – Hashem
  7. The Many Facets of Prayer
  8. Practical Advice
  9. Pesukei De’zimra – Verses in Song
  10. Fervent Prayer and Praying Fervently
  11. Prayer with Devotion

Lesson 2

  1. The Four  Spiritual Spheres-
    Atzilus Briyah Yetzirah Assiyah
  2. The Four Parts of Davening (Prayer)
  3. The Necessary  Steps
  4. The Names of G-d
  5. Labor of the Heart – Avodah She’belev
  6. Master of the World- Adon Olam
  7. A Song for the Inauguration-
    Mizmor Shir Chanukas
  8. Blessed is He Who said-
    Baruch She’omar

Lesson 3

Hodu – Let Us Praise

Lesson 4

  1. A Song of  Appreciation-
    Mizmor Le’sodah
  2. May G-d’s Glory endure-
    Yehi Chevode Hashem Le’olam
  3. The Pesukei De’zimra  – Verses in Song
  4. Ashrei and the last 5 Chapters of Psalms
  5. Skipping in Pesukei De’zimra

Lesson 5


  1. Blessed is G-d forever – Baruch Hashem Le’olam
  2. And David Blessed – Vayevarech Dovid

Lesson 6

  1. Az Yashir (Shiras Hayam)
  2. The Closing of Pesukei De’zimra
  3. Yishtabach

Lesson 7

Yishtabach & Kaddish

Lesson 8

  1. Pesukei De’Zimra of Shabbos and Yom Tov
  2. Prayer: A Ladder to Spiritual Ascent
  3. Additional Differences between Weekdays and Holidays
  4. Lamenatzeach Mizmor Le’David.
  5. Reciting Psalms (Tehillim) before Yishtabach
  6. He who sits in the refuge of the Most High – he shall sit in the shadow of the Almighty
  7. Yoshev B’seser Elyon, be’tzel Shakai  yislonan
  8. Hallel HaGadol

Lesson 8b


Interruptions during the Brochos of

Baruch She’omar and Yishtabach

Lesson 9

  1. Concentration in Prayer
  2. The Names of G-d  (A partial list)
  3. When fulfilling a Mitzvah
  4. Practical Applications
  5. She’moneh Esrei
  6. The Main Points of Intent by the Amidah
  7. If one did not have Intent by She’moneh Esrei
  8. Modim – Giving Thanks
  9. Hearing One’s Own Prayer
  10. A Time to be Loud; A Time to be Quiet
  11. Cleanliness and Hygiene
  12. Proper Dress
  13. Hee’kone: Preparing Oneself in Service of
  14. Hashem
  15. One Should Wash One’s Hands
  16. Understanding the Concept of Hee’kone

Lesson 10


  1. Chatzi Kaddish at the conclusion of Pesukei De’Zimra
  2. Kaddish
  3. The Parameters of a Minyan
  4. Laws of Responding to Kaddish
  5. When to Say Ve’atta Yigdal Nah
  6. The First Amen of Kaddish
  7. The Different Responses to Kaddish
  8. Someone Who Didn’t Hear the Chazzan35
  9. The Proper Way to respond Yehei Shmei Rabba
  10. The Proper Way to respond Yehei Shmei Rabba
  11. One More Place to Bow
  12. Rulings of the Yalkut Yosef48 regarding Kaddish

Lesson 10b – chart

Laws of Devarim She’bikdusha that Require a Minyan of 10 men

Lesson 11

  1. The 15 Praises of Yishtabach
  2. The Laws of Borchu
  3. What it means to “Bless” Hashem
  4. The Proper Way to Recite Borchu
  5. Responding to Borchu When One Didn’t Hear the Chazzan
  6. The Difference between Borchu and Zimun
  7. Prayers (Tefillos) Inserted After Borchu

Lesson 12

  1. The 7 Blessings recited with Krias Shema
  2. The Bracha for Daylight and Nighttime
  3. Until what time in the day may you read the Shema .
    ( Zeman Krias She’ma and Zeman Tefilla)
  4. The Concentration ( Kavanah) Necessary for reciting Shema

Lesson 13

  1. Yotzeir Ohr U’voreiChoshech – The Creator of                                    Light and of Darkness
  2. Permissible  Interruptions during She’ma
  3. Zechiras Yetzias  Mitzrayim

Lesson 13 b –

Addendum to Lesson 12 & 13

Map 1 A: Amen During The Blessings of Shema

Map 1 B: Amen During Shema

Map 2 A: Amen During The Blessings of Shema

Map 2 B: Amen During Shema

Map 3 A: Kedusha of Shabbos/Yom Tov Borchu During

The Blessings of Shema

Map 3 B: Kedusha of Shabbos/Yom Tov Borchu

During Shema

Map Four A:

Other Interruptions During

The Blessings of Shema

Map Four B:

Other interruptions during Shema

Lesson 14

  1. Krias She’ma1 and the Asseres Hadibros  (the 10 Commandments)
  2. With all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your resources
  3. Baruch Sheim –  Blessed is the Name
  4. The Concluding Blessing of Shema Yisrael
  5. Emess Ve’ Yatziv- Go’al Yisrael

Lesson 15

Shemoneh Esrei: The Amidah Prayer

Lesson 16

Shemoneh Esrei

A list of the One Hundred Daily Blessings

Lesson 17:

Shemoneh Esrei (continued)

Lesson 18

  1. Shemoneh Esrei (continued)
  2. Ya’aleh Ve’yavoh – Rise up and Come forth
  3. Birchas Kohanim – Blessings of the Priests
  4. The Me’ah Brochos (One Hundred Daily Blessings)
  5. A list of the  One Hundred Daily Blessings

Lesson 19

  1. Al Hanissim


Lesson 20

  1. Chazoras Hashatz
  2.  Kedusha
  3. Birchos Kohanim
  4. Amen
  5.  Talking in Shul

Lesson 21

  1. Concentration
  2.  Aid to Improving Concentration
  3. Women’s Obligation to Pray
  4. Ya’aleh Ve’yavoh: Commemorating an Occasion

Lesson 22

Tachanun – Nefilas Apayim

Lesson 23


Lesson 24

Hallel Part II

Lesson 25

  1. Kaddish
  2. Sefer Torah

Lesson 26

Krias HaTorah

Lesson 27

  1. Krias HaTorah -2
  2. Birchas Hagomel
  3. Gelilah
  4. Returning the  Sefer Torah
  5. Follow the Sefer Torah

Lesson 28

  1. Ashrei
  2. Lamnatzei’ach  Mizmor Le’Dovid:
    Ya’ancha Hashem Bayome Tzara

Lesson 29

  1. Kedushas U’vah Le’Tziyone
  2. Ve’Atta Kadosh Yoshev tehillos Yisrael

Lesson 30

  1. Kedushas U’vah Le’Tziyone
  2. Kaddish Tiskabel
  3. Aleinu Leshabei’ach  –
  4. It’s Incumbent upon Us to Praise
  5. Shir shel Yom –  The Song of the Levites

Lesson 31

  1. Shir Shel Yom:
  2. The Song of the Day

Lesson 32

  1. Ein K’Elokeinu &
  2. Pittum HaKetores:
  3. The Kaddish De’Rabbanan
  4. Borchu

Lesson 33

Mincha: The Afternoon Prayer

  1. Why Tefillas Mincha is called Mincha
  2. Earliest Time  for Mincha Gedolah
  3. Mincha Gedolah, Mincha Ketanah
  4. Plag HaMincha
  5. The Latest Time  for Davening Mincha

Lesson 34


  1. Tachanun
  2. Keeping the Custom of the Shul
  3. The three steps of Shemoneh Esrei
  4. Pesukim before the Start of Shemoneh Esrei
  5. Sim Shalom and Shalom Rav
  6. Kabbalas Ta’anis: Undertaking a fast
  7. Krias HaTorah on a Fast Day
  8. Aliyas on Fast Days
  9. Aneinu
  10. Avinu Malkeinu on Fast Days

Lesson 35


  1. The Evening Prayer
  2. Shir Hama’alos
  3. Borchu es Hashem Hamevorach (Bless G-d, the blessed One)
  4. The Order of Ma’ariv and the Correct Time for reciting Krias
  5. She’ma in the Evening
  6. Tur – The Correct Time for Saying the Shema
  7. Fulfilling the Commandment of the Reading of the Shema
  8. How early one can Read the Shema
  9. Fulfilling the Commandment before Nightfall
  10. The Preferred Time for Praying/Davening Ma’ariv
  11. The First Bracha of Ma’ariv
  12. The Second Bracha – Ahavas Olam – An Eternal Love

Lesson 36

Maariv – Part 2

  1. The Third Blessing (bracha)
  2. Semichas Ge’ulah Le’Tefilla – The Order of Prayer
  3. Amen after the Bracha of Hashkiveinu
  4. Other Interruptions that are Allowed
  5. Interruption Points
  6. Reciting Krias Shema of Maariv after Nightfall
  7. One Who Needs to Pray Mincha and finds the Congregation Praying
  8. Maariv
  9. Baruch Hashem Le’Olam
  10. One who Started Shemoneh Esrei of Maariv a Second time
  11. What to do when there is only one Minyan for Maariv
  12. Sim Shalom/Shalom Rav
  13. Kaddish Tiskabal
  14. Tachanun
  15. The Sephardic Custom

Lesson 37

Maariv – Part 3

  1. The First Blessing (bracha)
  2. HaMaariv Aravim (Who bring on evenings)
  3. The Second Blessing (bracha)
  4. Ahavas Olam
  5. The Third Blessing (bracha)
  6. Ve’Emunah Kol Zose
  7. The Fourth Blessing (bracha)
  8. Hashkiveinu
  9. Vesakneinu Be’eitzah Tovah
  10. The Additional Blessing: Baruch Hashem Le’olam


Lesson 38

A Woman’s Guide to Daily Prayer

Lesson 39

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. The Month of  Elul:

The Start of Selichos (Sephardim)

  1. Starting Selichos during Aseres Yemei Teshuvah
  2. The Custom of Ashkenazic Jewry
  3. The Custom to Fast On Motzei Shabbos
  4. The Proper Time of Day to Recite Selichos
  5. Earliest Time for Selichos

Lesson 40

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. Selichos: It’s Order
  2. Selichos: Its Components
  3. The Sephardic Selichot
  4. The Framework of Selichos
  5. A Brief Outline of the First Two Selichos of the First Day


Lesson 41

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. Selichos Preparations
  2. Al Netillas Yadayim before Selichos
  3. Waking Up Early in the Morning before Davening
  4. Washing again after Alos Hashachar – Dawn
  5. Birchos HaTorah before Selichos
  6. Tallis and Tefillin
  7. The Shali’ach Tzibbur (Congregational Leader)
  8. Standing for Selichos
  9. The Preface to a Selicha
  10. Tachanun at Night
  11. Additional Laws Regarding the Recital of Selichos
  12. Reciting Selichos in Aramaic without a Minyan
  13. Minyan that’s Late in Coming
  14. One Who Can’t Keep Up
  15. When Selichos is Recited by Individuals
  16. Reciting Tachanun during Selichos on Erev Rosh Hashanah
  17. Selichos on the day of a Bris Milah (Circumcision)
  18. Selichos in the House of a Mourner

Lesson 41b

Chart for lesson 41

Chart for Washing, Al Netillas Yadayim and other Morning B

Lesson 42

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
  2. The Key to Understanding the Unique Format of Selichos
  3. The World of Teshuvah: A New World of Opportunity
  4. A Stained Garment
  5. Keil Erech Apayim/ Keil Melech Yoshev
  6. The Secret of the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
  7. A Deeper Look into the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
  8. Keil Melech Yoshev al Kisei Rachamim/ Vayikra Besheim Hashem
  9. Vayaavor Hashem Al Panav Vayikra
  10. Thirteen Ways of Counting the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

Lesson 43

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. Feeling Worthy of Petitioning
  2. Praying Directly
  3. The Prohibition of Pairing Hashem with Something Else
  4. Praying in Aramaic
  5. Prayer in Other Languages
  6. Background to Some of the Selicha Prayers
  7. Shema Koleinu (Ashkenaz)
  8. Sounding the Shofar: The Minhag of Sephardim
  9. Sounding the Shofar: The Minhag of Ashkenazim
  10. The Ashamnu Prayer

Lesson 44

Selichos: Getting Close to Hashem Again

  1. POSTSCRIPT: The General Theme of Selichos
  2. The Sephardic and Ashkenazic
  3. approaches to Selichos
  5. Aneinu
  6. Tachanun
  7. Variations in the Sephardic Selichot
  8. Kaddish Tei’anu Vetei’atru (Sephardic)
  9. One more Kaddish
  10. The House of My Prayer: I will bring them to My Holy Mountain

Lesson 45

  1. Erev Rosh Hashanah
  2. Fasting on Erev Rosh Hashanah
  3. Hatoras Nedarim – Annulling one’s vows
  4. The Custom of Visiting a Cemetery
  5. Naming the Jewish Months
  6. Preparing for Yom Tov and Hallel
  7. Distributing Charity
  8. Balancing our Emotions
  9. The Mitzvah of Separating
  10. Challah from the Dough

I N T R O D U C T I O N – P A R T 1

  1. The Two-Day Yom Tov of Rosh Hashanah
  2. Safeka Deyoma:
  3. Calculating the Two days of Yom Tov outside of Israel
  4. Rosh Hashanah – Two days or One Long Day
  5. The Two Days Rosh Hashanah according to Kabbalah

I N T R O D U C T I O N – P A R T 2

  1. The Mitzvah of the Day:
  2. The Shofar Blasts
  3. Blowing the Shofar on Shabbos
  4. The Shofar blasts: Two Types of Sounds
  5. The Definition of a Terua

Lesson 46

  1. Maariv: Changes in Tefilla (prayer)
  2. Achos Ketana – The Little Sister2
  3. The Reading of Ki Savo – A sign that curses should be a thing of the past
  4. Between Go’al Yisrael (Redeem Israel) and the Amidah
  5. Adding a Verse Friday Night
  6. Kaddish
  7. Changing to U’Le’Eila Mi’Kol
  8. Malchus: A Day of Majesty
  9. Additions to the Rosh Hashanah Prayers
  10. Zochreinu L’Chaim, Melech Chafetz ba’Chaim:
  11. Remember us for life, O’ G-d
  12. Who desires life
  13. Mi Chamocha Av
  14. Harachamim18:
  15. Who is like You, O’ Merciful G-d
  16. HaMelech HaKadosh:
  17. The Holy King
  18. The Weekday Amendment
  19. Changing to HaMelech HaMishpat
  20. Forgetting to Add – Repeat or not?
  21. The Final Two Additions
  22. The Body of the Amidah
  23. On Motzei Shabbos
  24. Le’Dovid Mizmor – Hashem is Our King!

Lesson 47

  1. Rosh Hashanah Shacharis
  2. Be’fi Yesharim Tisromam:
  3. HaMelech: The King
  4. Shir Hama’alos Mimamakim
  5. Chazoras Hashatz: The Repeat of the Amidah of Rosh Hashanah
  6. Hayom Te’Amtzeini: Today, May You Strengthen Us
  7. Avinu Malkeinu: Our Father, Our King
  8. Tekias Shofar:
  9. Tekios De’Meyushav (the Shofar blasts when seated.)

Lesson 48

  1. Comparing Shacharis to Mussaf
  2. Mussaf
  3. Malchuyos, Zichronos and Shofaros
  4. Korbanos, Aleinu and Al Kein Nekaveh Lecha
  5. Kesuvim before Nevi’im
  6. Malchuyos, Zichronos and Shofaros and the three
  7. stanzas beginning with U’Vechein.
  8. Blowing the Shofar during the Quiet Amidah
  9. Chazoras Hashatz and More Shofar Blasts
  10. U’nesaneh Tokef

Lesson 49

  1. Rosh Hashana/ yom kippur
  2. The Custom of Prostrating during Aleinu
  3. Mincha: Remembering, Eliyahu HaNavi
  4. The Second Day Rosh Hashanah – The Differences
  5. Va’todi’enu – The Ending of Shabbos
  6. An Halachic Discussion Regarding one who Forgot to recite Va’todi’enu
  7. She’hechiyanu
  8. Tashlich – A Prayer to Rid us of Sins
  9. Tzom Gedaliah: The Day After
  10. Aseres Yemei Teshuvah –
  11. The Ten Days of Repentance
  12. Erev Yom Kippur
  13. Kapparos: The Custom of Redeeming one’s Soul
  14. The Same Lesson as a Sacrifice

Lesson 50 – Yom Kippur

  1. Erev Yom Kippur Prayer (Yom Kippur Eve)
  2. Selichos and Tachanun
  3. Avinu Malkeinu
  4. Lamnatzei’ach… Ya’ancha Hashem Be’Yom Tzara
  5. Al Cheit and Viduy
  6. The Al Cheit of Mincha on Erev Yom Kippur
  7. Blessing the Children: Birchas HaBanim
  8. Using the verses of Birchos Kohanim in Personal Blessings
  9. Kol Nidrei: With the approval of the Omnipresent (Al Da’as HaMakom) … to pray together with the Transgressors
  10. Making a Commitment
  11. Carrying the Sefer Torah around the Shul

Lesson 51 – yom kippur

  1. Yom Kippur and its Prayers
  2. An Incredible Gift
  3. Lecha Keili
  4. Repenting for Sins between Man and his fellow Man:
  5. Thanking G-d that WE MADE IT TO THIS DAY:
  6. The Brocha of She’hecheyanu
  7. When Yom Kippur Occurs on Shabbos:
  8. Baruch Sheim Kevod Malchusso: Reciting it Out Loud
  9. Maariv
  10. Lifnei Hashem Titharu – Before G-d you will be cleansed
  11. The Amidah of Yom Kippur of Maariv
  12. After the Quiet Amidah: Selichos
  13. Standing
  14. Tehillim (Psalms)
  15. Shacharis
  16. Chazoras Hashatz and Kedusha
  17. Birchos Kohanim – The Priestly Blessings
  18. The Torah Reading
  19. The Only Time That Exactly Six Aliyas Are Portioned Out
  20. Yizkor – Remembering the Souls of the Departed
  21. Av HaRachamim

Lesson 52 – Yom Kippur

  1. Yom Kippur Mussaf
  2. Mussaf: Chazoras Hashatz
  3. Kor’im: Prostrating
  4. Mincha
  5. Maftir Yonah: A Whale of a Story
  6. Ne’ilah: The Closing Prayer
  7. Opening the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark)
  8. Teshuvah: Repentance for Thoughts as well as for Deeds
  9. Finale
  10. The Shofar is Sounded
  11. Applying the Lessons of Yom Kippur into the realm of the Mundane

Lesson 53

  1. The Three Festivals:
  2. Succos, Pesach and Shavu’os
  3. The Original One-Day Yom Tov
  4. Visitors to Israel
  5. Succos: The Festival of Succot
  6. A Quick Reference Guide to the order of the Yom Tov prayers for the Three Festivals
  7. Maariv
  8. Shehecheyanu: On the first day
  9. The Lulav and Esrog
  10. The Uniqueness of the Arba Minim in the Synagogue

Lesson 54

  1. The Three Festivals:
  2. Succos, Pesach and Shavu’os
  3. Shacharis: Piyutim – Poetry
  4. Nanu’im (Waving of the Lulav)
  5. Hallel
  6. The Torah Reading of Yom Tov
  7. The Reading of the Torah for the First Day(s) Yom Tov of Succos
  8. The Haftorah Reading of the First day of Succos
  9. The Haftorah Reading of the Second day Yom Tov of Succos (in the Diaspora outside of Israel)
  10. The Closing Brocha (blessing) of the Haftorah: Mekadeish Yisrael Ve’Hazemanim
  11. Koh Keili Ve’Go’ali – Hashem, my G-d and
  12. Redeemer
  13. The Kedusha Prayer of Yom Tov

Lesson 55

The Three Festivals:

Succos, Pesach and Shavu’os

The Highlight of the Succos Prayers: The Hoshanah Service

Lesson 56

The Three Festivals:

Succos, Pesach and Shavuos

  1. Hoshanas: (Sephardim)
  2. Chol Hamoed
  3. The Order for Krias HaTorah on Chol Hamoed
  4. For People who live in the Diaspora: Remember the Numbers 15 and 14
  5. Koheles , King Solomon
  6. Hoshanah Rabba: The Seventh day of Succos
  7. The Design of the Hoshanah Rabba Prayers
  8. The Spiritual Significance of the Circuits (Hakafos)

Lesson 57

The Three Festivals:

Succos, Pesach and Shavuos


Lesson 58

The Three Festivals:

Succos, Pesach and Shavuos

  1. Hoshanas (continued)
  2. From the Hoshanah Circuits to the Beating of the
  3. Aravah Branches

Lesson 59

  1. Additional Insights to the final section of the Hoshanah Rabba
  2. Hoshanah prayers.

Lesson 60

The Three Festivals:

Succos, Pesach and Shavuos

  1. Shemini Atzeres – A Yom Tov to Itself
  2. Shemini Atzeres – Simchas Torah
  3. Tefillas Geshem – The Prayer for Rain
  4. When to Begin Inserting Mashiv Haru’ach U’morid Hageshem into the Amidah / Shemoneh Esrei prayer
  5. The Prayer of Mussaf and the Torah Reading
  6. Yizkor . Remembrance of the departed
  7. Hakafos – Circuits
  8. The Nighttime Torah Reading
  9. The Daytime Torah Readings
  10. The Added Aliyas
  11. Kol Hane’arim – Aliyah for All the Children
  12. Chosson Bereishis
  13. The Final Aliyah
  14. Hagbah . Lifting the Torah for all to See
  15. The Haftorah of Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah
  16. Sisu VeSimchu BeSimchas Torah – Celebrate and Rejoice with the Rejoicing of the Torah
  17. Shemini Atzeres on Shabbos

Lesson 61

The Three Festivals:

Sukkos, Pesach and Shavu’os

  1. The Yom Tov of Pesach
  2. Hallel: The Difference
  3. Maariv
  4. Sefiras Ha’Omer
  5. Shir HaShirim after the Seder
  6. Shacharis
  7. Krias HaTorah . The Public Torah Reading
  8. Haftoras
  9. Shabbos Chol Hamoed: Shir HaShirim
  10. Shabbos Chol Hamoed: Krias HaTorah and Haftoras
  11. Switching back to Morid HaTal or omitting Mashiv Haru’ach U’morid Hageshem
  12. Tefillas Tal . The Prayer for Dew
  13. Chol Hamoed Prayers: Pesach Weekdays
  14. Shevi’i shel Pesach – The Seventh Day of Passover
  15. Acharon shel Pesach – The Final Day of Passover

Lesson 62

The Three Festivals:

Sukkos, Pesach and Shavuos

  1. The Fiftieth Day
  2. Staying Up the entire night of Shavuos
  3. Decorating our Shuls and Homes
  4. The Custom of Studying Torah the entire First Night of Shavuos
  5. The Earliest Time for Shacharis
  6. Hallel
  7. Megillas Rus – The Scroll of Ruth
  8. The Torah Reading
  9. Akdamus
  10. Haftorah – First Day
  11. Taryag40 Mitzvos – Ten Commandments
  12. Second Day Torah Reading
  13. Yizkor
  14. Isru Chag – The Day After
  15. Laws about the Amidah when Yom Tov occurs on Shabbos
  16. Mussaf of Yom Tov or Chol Hamoed on Shabbos

Lesson 63

  1. Approaching Prayer
  2. Starting the day
  3. Some of the Laws pertaining to Modeh Ani
  4. The Morning Blessings
  5. Al Netillas Yadayim
  6. Asher Yatzar (es Ha’Adam) . Who fashioned (man)
  7. Elokaye, Neshama . My G-d, the soul10

Lesson 64

  1. Elokei, Neshama My G-d, The Soul .
  2. Birchos HaTorah
  3. Interruptions: Situations when Birchos HaTorah need to repeated

lesson 65

The Birchos Hashachar – The Morning Blessings

T H E F I R S T  B L E S S I N G

Asher Nassan La’sechvi Vinah . Who gave the Sechvi understanding

Introduction to the three blessings – She’lo Asani Goye, She’lo Asani Ah’ved and She’lo Asani Isha


She’lo Asani Goye . Who did not create me as a non-Jew


She’lo Asani Ah’ved . Who did not create me as an Slave

T H E F O U R T H B L E S S I N G ( M E N )

She’lo Asani Isha – Who did not create me as a woman

T H E F O U R T H B L E S S I N G ( W O M E N )

She’Asani Kirtzono . Who created me according to His desire

She’Asani Ger – Who created me as a Convert

Lesson 66

  1. The Birchos Hashachar – The Morning Blessings
  2. Baruch Atta Hashem ,Poke’ach Ivrim
  3. Touching One’s Eyes before washing .Negel Vasser.
  4. The Halacha regarding a Blind Person, a Deaf
  5. Person or Someone without a Rooster
  6. Baruch Atta Hashem , Malbish Arumim
  7. Baruch Atta Hashem , Matir Assurim
  8. Baruch Atta Hashem , Zokeif Kefufim
  9. Baruch Atta Hashem , Roka Ha’Aretz al HaMayim
  10. Baruch Atta Hashem , Hameichin Mitzadei Gover
  11. Baruch Atta Hashem , She’asa Li Kol Tzorchi
  12. Baruch Atta Hashem , Ozer Yisrael BiGevurah
  13. Baruch Atta Hashem , Oteir Yisrael BeSifara
  14. Baruch Atta Hashem , Hanosein LaYo’eif Ko’ach

Lesson 67

  1. The Closing Blessing of the Birchos
  2. Hashachar – The Morning Blessings
  3. The Arrangement of the Birchos Hashachar
  4. Gomeil Chassadim Tovim Le’Amo Yisrael
  5. (Who grants beneficent kindnesses to His nation Yisrael)
  6. The Earliest Time for Birchos Hashachar
  7. The Latest Time for Birchos Hashachar
  8. Akeidas Yitzchok . The Binding of Isaac
  9. The Singular Purpose of Creation!
  10. The Shema that precedes Pesukei DeZimra
  11. Tur: Earliest time for Korbanos
  12. The requirement to read the Torah portion of Korban Tamid
  13. Parshas HaTamid and the rest of the Korbanos (sacrifices)

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