This course takes 3 months.

Topics and Shiurim

Lessons 1-4

Preparing the hot food
Placing food on the hotplate or blech
Setting up the slow cooker
Wrapping and storing hot food
Heating the water
Halachos involved
Sh’hiya, chazora and hatmana

Lessons 5-7

Opening the wine bottle
Opening tin cans, soda cans.
Opening food packets and boxes.
Halachos involved
Creating an item, tearing letters on a packet. Makeh B’patish, Mochek.

Lessons 8-10

Serving the soup
Using a wet ladle.
Serving from a pot on the gas range.
Returning the soup to the hotplate.
Putting challa into the soup.
Putting soup nuts into the soup.
Halachos involved
Chazara (returning), hagasah (stirring), Cooking.

Lesson 11

Making tea
Making tea on Shabbos
Pouring hot water into a cholent
Halachos involved
Cooking – bishul, coloring.

Lesson 12

Washing the dishes
Using a sponge to wash the dishes.
Using soap and liquid soap.
Halachos involved
Squeezing (mefarek), nolad (a new being).

Lessons 13-17

Preparing the Shabbos day meal
Setting the table
Peeling the eggs
Mashing the eggs
Cutting up the onions
Mixing the eggs with oil and mayonnaise
Taking food from the freezer before the meal
Moving muktze in the freezer
Halachos involved
Borer – separating, grinding – tochen, mashing – lisha, muktze.

Lessons 18-20

Cleaning up
Sweeping the floor
Moving the garbage can
Cleaning the table
Wiping the counters
Halachos involved
Muktze, squeezing – mefarek.

Lessons 21-22

Loading the dishwasher
Loading dishes into the dishwasher
Cleaning for after Shabbos
Putting food back in the fridge
Halachos involved
Preparing for after Shabbos – hachana.

Lessons 23-24

Preparing for seudah sh’lishis
Spilling oil from tuna
Mixing the tehinah
Tidying up the table
Halachos involved
Borer – mixing, masing – lisha, preparing – hachana.

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